Delivery and Payment Method

We do delivery and pickup to all the areas in and around Sydney.

For a small Charge, please do contact on 0430086609 for more details on the Delivery and Pickup charges.

We also do a Local Pickup to the customers from Doonside, NSW.

For Exact address and refundable deposit along with it please do contact on 0430086609.

Cash on Delivery which is client’s Primary Payment Method or Cash pickup at any CBA ATM’s or Direct Deposit to the below account.

Three Payment Options:

We accept cash on delivery as our primary payment method

We are ready for cash pick up at any CBA ATM's

We would also appreciate if you directly deposit the amount to the below-mentioned account.

  • Bank : ANZ
  • BSB : 12172
  • Account Number : 397296793
  • Account Name : Partycallhire

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