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We all live with a motto. Typically we earn to lead a happy and comfortable life. But some unfortunate individuals cannot afford that happiness or comfort. They need our help.

Hence, we decide to earn and share our earning with those people. This is why PartyCallHire is determined to participate in charitable tasks. We believe that it is our social duty to help others in having a happy and comfortable life. We know that our contribution is nominal but we try our best.

We will donate a small part of our earning that we gain from every order you place with our company. That means every time you place an order with our company, we will send a part of that money to the charity organizations. Our contributions are made to Sathyeshwara Seva Ashramam and Sri Mahalakshmi Seva Trust.

Even if you also want to contribute directly and individually then also we welcome your kind gesture and help you to deliver your blessings to those unfortunates.

While you are having parties and fun, some people can also have a little more light in their life with the contribution we have made for them.

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